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Protea Banks                                                                   

Protea Banks is suited to advanced divers who are looking for big animals! It has gained a reputation as one of the world's top shark dives with Zambezi (Bull Shark), Tiger, Hammerhead, Blacktip, Ragged-Tooth, Bronze Whaler and if you are lucky the Great White.

Trevor Krull, the founder dive operator on Protea Banks has an impeccable & unsurpassed safety record. You will be assured of the highest professional service. We encourage smaller groups as sharks are essentially shy animals and diving in large numbers limits the chance of a sighting.

Protea Banks is a reef system located 7.5 kilometres off Shelly Beach on the east coast of South Africa. The reef itself is an old fossilised sand dune and has two distinct areas on which we dive. The northern pinnacles has beautiful topography and starts at 33 meters. The Southern pinnacles ranges from 28 to 40 meters. The total diveable area is about 4 kilometres.
Northern Pinnacles

This is an ideal area for Nitrox diving & has magnificent topography with lots of reef fish, including huge Potato Bass. It has 2 large cave systems that attract many Ragged-Tooth sharks during mating season. As spring goes into summer, large shoals of Scalloped Hammerheads frequent the inshore ledge, making it a stunning dive. The best months to dive here are June to November.

Southern Pinnacles

This area is the home of the Zambezi shark & from October to May, some very large specimens may be seen. Scalloped Hammerheads are also schooling at this time. The main game fish concentrations take place here during the summer months & on days when a cold thermocline occurs, it is not uncommon to see "wall to wall" Kingfish, Yellowtail, Tropical Yellowtail, Barracuda, Kakaap and Tuna. The best months to see large Tiger sharks are April & May, but are present throughout summer.

Why Dive With Us

- We have a 100% safety record.
- We pioneered diving on Protea Banks in 1994.
- We have logged over 3000 dives on Protea Banks.
- We assure precision navigation of the reef.
- We have up-market accommodation for 10 guests in our Lodge.
- We kit up at our fully equipped dive centre.

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