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The Advanced Shark course is instructed by Trevor Krull who in the past worked for the sharks Board for 6 years and has been diving with sharks for the past 12 years. The course focuses on shark anatomy and behaviour as well as the very important topic of conservation. Trevor has played a big role in shark conservation over the past few years and his enthusiasm and love for these magnificent creatures will be apparent in the course. You will complete the course with a better understanding about sharks and their role in our oceans.
Course Overview:  
  • The course is held at our dive centre in Shelly Beach
  • Course prerequisite: Advanced divers or have done 20 sea dives
  • 4 - 5  hours of lectures
  • 3 dives with sharks on Protea Banks
Course Topics:
  • The evolution of sharks 
  • Shark species
  • Distribution of sharks
  • Sharks feeding habits
  • The shark anatomy 
  • The reproduction of sharks
  • Shark Respiratory system
  • Specific shark specialisations
  • Shark attacks and prevention
  • Shark conservation

Day 1

We meet early in the morning at our dive centre to go through the dive briefing and discuss a bit about the course and what to look out for. We will be doing 2 dives after which we will commence the lectures which can take up to 5 hours.

Day 2

Another early start at the dive centre where we will have a short revision session before the last dive of your course. You will be able to look out for what you learnt in your course and can view sharks with a greater understanding.

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The Shark Whisperer

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