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Each year during late May to late June on the East Coast of Africa an enormous gathering of creatures begins. Millions of Sardines (Pilchards) migrate towards KwaZulu Natal attracting thousands of predators: sharks, whales, dolphins, seals, birds and occasionally even Killer Whales. The spectacle from the surface is amazing, whilst underwater the action is absolutely incredible.

Superpods of up to a thousand common dolphins herd the sardines into tight shoals enabling them to systematically feed on the ever-swirling ball of fish. Joining into the feeding frenzy are sharks, birds and gamefish. To be able to predict the locations of the big shoals each day is where experience counts. African Odyssea has over twenty years of experience with the sardine run and has the knowledge to ensure that your trip to see this phenomenon is safe and as action-packed as possible.

How it works

We get daily reports from the Natal Sharks Board who run early morning spotting planes down the coast. Based on these reports we can estimate where the best sardine action will be and that's where we head. We launch at the closest launching site and track down the shoals from there. Once we find them it will be a case of carefully picking the best spot to get in the water. This is generally in front or to the side of the moving shoals. Then all you need to do is wait for the action to move towards you!

Why Do The Sardine Run With Us:

- We have a 100% safety record.
- We brought the first ever film crew to film the sardine run in 1998.
- We have been following sardine run patterns since 1980.
- We are perfectly based to cater for a "no show" on the sardines behalf.
- We have up-market accommodation for 10 guests in our Dive Lodge.
- We kit up at our fully equipped dive centre.

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