Each year during late May to late June on the East Coast of Africa an enormous gathering of creatures begins. Millions of Sardines (Pilchards) migrate towards KwaZulu Natal attracting thousands of predators, sharks, whales, dolphins, seals, birds and occasionally even Killer Whales. The spectacle from the surface is amazing, whilst underwater the action is absolutely incredible. read more...
8 Day - Sardine Discovery    Prices on request            Enquire Now

This package gives you 6 full days of sardine action. When the run happens it is an absolutely amazing event to witness, you will certainly see the ocean and it inhabitants like never before. 

 16 day - Sardine Epic          Prices on request           Enquire Now
This option allows you to experience the sardine run from start to finish. You will have 12 full days of action packed diving and not to mention all the  awesome sights you will see on top of the water. 

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The Shark Whisperer

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