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If the sardines do not show up we will continue to do 2 dives a day on Protea Banks.




16 Day - Sardine                  R15900 per person           Enquire Now
This package gives you 6 full days of sardine action. When the run happens it is an absolutely amazing event to witness, you will certainly see the ocean and it inhabitants like never before!

Note: The itinerary is the same as the 8 day package except it is doubled.

Day 1

You will be met at the airport by an African Odyssea representative who will transfer you to your accommodation. It's an hours drive along the coast from the airport to Shelly Beach. Once you arrive you can settle in and take a walk to the beach or the shopping centre near by.

Day 2

We will meet at our dive centre and have an early breakfast, during which we go through how the days diving will work. We will pack the boat with supplies for the day and we will set out in the direction of the sardines. Once we find them you will have you first glimpse of the awesome the sardine run!

Day 3

Another early morning start. We will go through the briefing on where we think the sardines have moved to and discuss our plan of action. Then its off again in search of the ever moving shoals. We spend the entire day on the boat following the shoals and getting in the water as much as possible. It is an action packed day!

Day 4 to day 13

Judging by where we left the sardines the day before we can estimate where they will be. We shall travel to the nearest launch site and take you to the where it's all happening! A light lunch on the boat is included in the package.

Day 14

This is our last day chasing the sardines but nonetheless it will be just as full of excitement as your last 5.

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