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Nitrox Course    R1250 per person                Enquire Now
Nitrox has many benefits which enhance your diving experience, the main benefit being your bottom time can almost be doubled. It's like getting 2 dives for the price of 1. When diving on Nitrox you in-gas less nitrogen which has a number of positive effects. We offer the IANTD course which is internationally recognised.
Course Overview:
  • The course is held at our dive centre in Shelly Beach
  • Course prerequisite: Advanced divers or have done 20 sea dives
  • 4 - 5 hours of lectures
  • 2 qualifying dives on Protea Banks
Course Topics:
  • Introduction to Nitrox Diving
  • Physiological Implications of Oxygen
  • Physics for Nitrox Divers
  • Nitrox Dive Tables
  • Operational Implications of Oxygen and Oxygen Safety
Day 1  

We meet early in the morning at our dive centre to go through the dive briefing and discuss a bit about the course and what to look out for. We will be doing 2 dives after which we will commence the lectures.


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