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Peak Performance Buoyancy    R850 per person               
Buoyancy is an extremely important aspect of your diving. Once your buoyancy is correct you will find your diving becomes effortless which allows you more time to concentrate on what's going on around you rather than how much air is in your BCD.
Course Overview:  
  • The course is held at our dive centre in Shelly Beach
  • Course prerequisite: Advanced divers or have done 20 sea dives
  • 1 hour of lectures
  • 4 qualifying dives on Protea Banks
Course Topics:
  • Buoyancy theory review
  • Buoyancy control
  • Proper trim and drag reduction
  • Back pack (harness) diving
Day 1  

We meet early in the morning at our dive centre to go through the dive briefing and discuss a bit about the course and what to look out for. Will be doing 2 dives after which we will review your buoyancy issues and suggest solutions for the next 2 dives.

Day 2
Another early morning start and we prepare for another 2 dives. After the third dive we should have your buoyancy perfect. On the fourth dive you will dive with just a back pack ( harness ) and no BCD to improve your skills.
Receive your personal Buoyancy card
With your personalised buoyancy card you will be able to quickly reference what weights you will need in most situations.

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